Attach tags to my recipients

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The purpose of attaching tags to recipients is to divide them into groups or categories based on certain characteristics or behaviors. This allows you to create and send more targeted and personalized email campaigns.

This allows you to attach tags to your recipients:

In the profile of the recipient

  1. Open a recipient from one of your recipient lists and click on the Edit button.

  2. Insert the tag into the field and then click Save.

Link in your mailing

If a link is clicked, a tag can also be set. You define the tag for this when you have clicked the Insert/edit link button when editing the email.
Important: This function is only available if data protection compliance is deactivated. Click on the profile icon at the top right, then on My account - Settings - Privacy to check data protection compliance. No TAG can be set for a CleverReach link.

Tags through openings

  1. In the first step of the mailing creation process, click on Advanced under Settings.

  2. Scroll down to Tracking and assign your tags there. When a recipient opens your mailing, the tag is automatically saved in the profile.

Integrations and Rest API

Tags can be inserted and attached to your recipients via an interface (e.g. to Shopware) or via the Rest API. 

THEA Campaigns

In a THEA campaign, you can set tags with the Change data action. You can add this action after sending a newsletter, for example, so that all recipients of the email automatically receive a tag.


Help & Support

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