Flex plan

In addition to our monthly plans (Essential and Enterprise plan) we also offer our Flex plan which is especially suited for people who don’t send emails that often.

In our Flex plan you can choose between a one-time email quota or a monthly subscription. Continue reading for more info on our Flex plans:


One-time Flex

Our one-time Flex plan allows you to buy a fixed email quota which you can use up bit by bit, whenever you like. It is especially worthwhile if you only send very little or very irregularly, for example only every 3 months.

You buy a fixed quota, e.g. 5,000 emails. If you now send an email to your recipient list with 1,500 active recipients, you have a left-over quota of 3,500 emails.  

Your left-over quota remains in your account for an unlimited period of time so you can still use up the rest of your emails later and whenever you need it.  


Monthly Flex Subscription

Our monthly Flex subscription is a mix of our flat rate and the one-time Flex plan. It’s the best choice for people who only contact a certain number of their active recipients each month. This price plan starts anew every month - you pay the price for the subscription each month and receive your booked email quota. Remaining emails from the last month expire on the deadline.

For example: You have 10,000 active recipients in your account. However, you only contact 900 of them every month. The monthly Flex subscription is the cheapest way for you to go.   

If you – for example – buy a monthly Flex subscription with 1,000 emails, you get 1,000 Flex emails every month. You can now send 1,000 emails, e.g. one email to 1,000 recipients or 2 emails to 500 recipients, etc.  

The monthly Flex subscription plan can be cancelled at any time at the end of the respective period (30 days).   


Our current Flex pricing for the EU:



VAT not included. Please be so kind and keep in mind that the price in your country can be different.