Why can't I unlock a recipient that was marked as a bounce?

If you contacted inboxes that no longer exist, although you already have received a bounce notification, that would have a negative effect on the reputation of your mailings and the mailings of all our customers.

That's why we check bounces carefully and manually and bounces can exclusively be unlocked by our service team at CleverReach.

Please note that we can only unlock bounces if they meet the following conditions:

1. It's a bounce that occurred erroneously, for example because the receiving server was incorrectly configured.

2. The cause of the bounce was fixed by the administrator of the receiving server – and is therefore unlikely to occur again.

3. A maximum of 10 addresses are affected or the addresses all come from one domain.
Please note that we cannot manually unlock bounces that indicate full mailboxes or other permanent causes.

If you have bounces that meet the conditions above please submit an inquiry and send us a list of the affected recipient.

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