Why Can’t I Unblock A Recipient Who is Marked as a Bounce Myself?

If you contacted email inboxes that no longer exist, although you have already received a bounce notification, this would negatively affect the reputation of your emails and the emails of all our customers.

That's why our service team checks the bounces very carefully and manually.

Bounces can exclusively be unblocked by our CleverReach service team.

Please note that we can only unblock bounces that meet the following criteria:

  1. It’s a bounce that has been reported back although everything’s fine. Example: the receiving server was configured incorrectly when sending your email.
  2. The cause of the bounce has been fixed by the administrator of the receiving server. The bounce feedback will not occur again.
  3. 10 email addresses are affected at the max or all addresses come from one domain

Please note that we can’t manually unblock bounces with permanent causes.

If you have bounces that fulfill the criteria mentioned above, please send us your inquiry including your customer ID and a list of the respective recipients (Excel sheet). Many thanks in advance.

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