An Email Address I Know is Correct is Listed as a Bounce – What Can I Do?

A bounce occurs when a receiving server reports back that a recipients is temporarily or permanently unavailable. Your email could not be delivered in this case at least once. 

Out-of-office messages don’t trigger bounces. You can find causes for bounce notifications in this help center post.

Please check if you find a bounce message in the recipient's activities as follows:

  1. Step: Search for your recipient and their email address in the [Recipients] area.
  2. Step: Navigate to the recipient and click on [Activities].

If there’s a bounce notification, inform the newsletter recipient or admin of the receiving server about the content or the cause of the bounce notification so they can restore the deliverability.

After that, send an email to our service team ( or use our contact form. Please include the email address of your recipient, the cause for the bounce and how the bounce problem has been solved. Our service team needs these details to unblock your recipients for your future newsletter deliveries.

If you do not find a bounce message in your recipient's activities, please also feel free to send our service team an email or a request via our contact form.

Many thanks in advance.