Installation plugin Shopware 6

You have two options to install our Shopware plugin for Shopware 6.

Option 1 - Shopware Store   

Option 2 - You have an extension zip file             

Option 1 - Shopware Store

You can install the plugin directly from the Shopware Store. 

Step 1: Please be so kind select Settings / System and click on the “Plugin” icon.


Step 2: Go to the plugin section and click on “Shopware store”. You’ll be redirected to the Shopware store.


Step 3: Please be so kind and type “cleverreach” in the search bar of the Shopware store. You will find the CleverReach plugin in the list of plugins.


Step 4: In the next stepp you will have to add the CleverReach plugin to your shopping cart:


Step 5: On the checkout page, please select your shop and license domain and click on the “Send Order” button.


 Step 6: Go to the shop admin panel and click on the “Licences” tab on your Shopware plugins page.


Step 7: The CleverReach plugin will be listed on the license page. Please be so kind and click on the “Download” button.


Step 8: On the “MyPlugins” page, the CleverReach plugin will be listed. Then just follow the steps 3 - 5 from the second option (upload of extension zip file).

Now the plugin is installed. Have fun with our plugin!


Option 2 - You have an extension zip file

Step 1: If you have a plugin zip archive navigate to Settings / System and please be so kind and click on the “Plugin” icon.

image3.png Step 2: Please click on the “Upload Plugin” button in the next step and select the extension zip file: 


Step 3: After uploading the extension file, CleverReach will appear in your list of plugins. 


Step 4: To install the CleverReach plugin, please click on the “...” button and then on “Install”. After the installation is completed, please activate the CleverReach plugin.


Step 5: The CleverReach plugin will appear as a separate module in the sidebar menu.


Now you are ready. Have fun with our plugin!