Typo3 - Installation Manual

The content management system TYPO3 serves as a platform for over 500,000 websites, intranets, as well as web and mobile apps worldwide. We have developed a plugin which allows you to quickly and easily establish a connection between your Typo3 and CleverReach.

Following data will be synchronized with our extension automatically:

• TYPO 3 users will be added to your contact list. A “newsletter” checkbox will be added to the default TYPO3 user registration, so you can explicitly mark users as email subscribers
• Data such as: First and last name, gender, age, birthday, address, interests…
• Your web content that you can simply drag and drop into your newsletters in our user-friendly editor

Instructions for the installation of our plugin

Step 1:  Please be so kind and go to the main menu. Click there on "Extensions" in the Admin Tools section.


Step 2: If you have a zip archive, please upload it to Typo3.


If you do not have a zip archive, you can get the extension directly from the Typo3 Extension manager. There you can search for "CleverReach":


Either you download or upload the extension, Typo3 will automatically install it. The CleverReach® extension appears on the list of your installed extensions. You can access it via your main menu.


Instructions for the installation of our plugin for TYPO3 v7.x - v8.x

Step 3: To configure CleverReach®, go to the list of your installed extensions and click on the "Configure" icon.


To synchronize your existing frontend users as subscribers, please check 'syncUsersAsSubscribers'.



Instructions for the installation of our plugin for TYPO3 v9.x

Step 3: Please be so kind and click on the ‘Settings’ tab in the sidebar menu, under the “ADMIN TOOLS” section:


Step 4: In the next step please choose "Configure extensions" under the point “Extension configuration”:


Step 5: From the extension list, click on our ‘official_cleverreach’ extension.


Step 6: Now a choice is opened automatically. To synchronize existing frontend users as subscribers please check ‘syncUsersAsSubscribers’ field.


Now existing users are automatically added to CleverReach as subscribers and you can contact them quickly and easily via newsletter.

Important notes

If you use Composer to install our plugin, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the installation will be successful, as we do not support installation with Composer.

We, therefore, recommend installing the plugin using the ZIP archive and then testing the connection. This should work fine according to our experience so far.

If you still need help, feel free to contact our service team.