ZohoCRM Integration - Installation

The CleverReach® Zoho CRM Integration allows you to synchronize your Zoho CRM data (Contacts, Accounts and Leads) with your CleverReach® recipient lists.

Here is the link to the integration.


- Transfer your Zoho contacts, accounts and leads to CleverReach®.
- Continuous synchronization of ZohoCRM with your CleverReach® list


Open the CleverReach integration in the Zoho CRM Marketplace and click on „Install“.

Tick the field “I accept the terms of use” and click on “Continue to Install”.


Click on “Agree and Continue


Select the profiles that can use the CleverReach® extension (any option can be selected) and click on "Confirm".


After the confirmation you are redirected to your CRM page with more details on the extension. The extension has been installed successfully. Go to the upper menu and open CleverReach®:


A pop up appears, please click on "Accept", to allow CleverReach® to access your data in your Zoho account.


You will then be redirected to the welcome page.

Connect with CleverReach®

You can connect with CleverReach® via your existing account or by creating a new one.


If you want to connect an existing account, a login pop up appears, where you can enter your CleverReach® credentials.


If the authorization is successful, the pop up is closed and the synchronization process starts automatically (you don't need your credentials when you create a news CleverReach® account).


After the synchronization, all your Zoho contacts, leads and accounts with valid email addresses are added to the "Zoho" list. The app redirects to the dashboard page.

Mailing Campaigns

Click on "Create your first newsletter", to start your first mailing campaign.


Manual Synchronization

New lead, contacts and accounts are also synchronized. If you notice that some recipients are not synchronized, click on "Import now". The synchronization is started in the background.


Uninstall CleverReach®

To uninstall the CleverReach® extension, go to the Marketplace tab:


Go to the tab “Installed” to find the CleverReach® extension. Click on “Uninstall”.



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