Content Personalization in the Classic Editor

Content personalization - the eye symbol - allows you to specifically adjust the content of your newsletter to specific recipient lists.

This feature is available in the classic Editor and in the Newsletter Editor.

Please note: This helpcenter post describes how to proceed with our old Classic Editor for creating newsletters. The Classic Editor is no longer technically developed.  

We recommend creating your emails in our new Newsletter Editor from now on. It is continuously developed, much easier to use and it offers lots of valuable and handy features.

Learn how to personalize your content in the Newsletter Editor in this Helpcenter article.

You can find the content personalization on the orange frame, which appears when you move your mouse pointer over an element. In our Drag & Drop Editor it looks like this:


You can use the eye symbol at the bottom left to determine which recipients can see this element . 

You can filter the recipients by all fields created and filled in your account. In this example, I filter by gender: 


I want to display this element to all recipients who have "female" in the "Gender" field and therefore select "the same as". 


Alternatively, you can filter by "Existing" (there's something in this field), "Not existing" (the field is empty), "Not the same as" (everything except what you type, and "greater than" and "smaller than" for data and numbers). 

An element filtered in this way is now only displayed to those recipients that fulfill the corresponding criterion.