Can I insert dynamic images?

It is possible a different picture will be shown for example by a sales representative per recipient. 

the steps are as follows:

1 images set to (such as all 10 images with your Field staff). The 
file name you call, for example: Mitarbeiter1.jpg, Mitarbeiter2.jpg, etc.

2 Upload the images CleverReach or on your own Web space.

3 in the recipient list set a data field to, for the assignment of field service staff, so that later every receiver of the field staff can be assigned to.
as a data field is created, you will find here.

you can name such as "employees" the data field. This has then the variable {MITARBEITER}.

you will import 4. in the data field of now.

, that means that you file upload a CSV, the recipients are included in the and information which image should be used for each recipient.

here the file name of the image file in a column is written (E.g. Mitarbeiter1.jpg, Mitarbeiter2.jpg).


the file import please and also select the option to "Update and add" import under "How to deal with this data?". Instructions on how to import you will find here.

5. this personalization in the mailing add. the images are displayed individually per receiver, change
corresponding to the picture image of the source.
append to the variable of {MITARBEITER} at the end of the source.


in the Try preview now that personalization is working correctly.