Double-Opt-In data after form registration

If you use our form functions to generate recipients, our system collects the following data during the registration via a registration form:

- Date/time, URL and IP (if not disabled) of the registration
- Date/time and IP (if not disabled) of the confirmation

In addition, a copy of the mails sent (opt-in and, if applicable, confirmation mails) including all relevant data of each registration will be made available.

You have the possibility to view these data in your account and to download the proof that you have collected these data correctly if required.

To view the individual recipient data, proceed as follows:

- Please open the respective recipient list
- Enter the email address in the search window
- Click on the email address to open the recipient's details
- An orange button "Double Opt-In Download" appears at the address

- With a click on the button, a Zip file is created with all relevant data of the recipient's registration process