Create a GDPR compliant form with checkbox

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We recommend that you contact your legal advisor regarding the GDPR, as you are responsible at this point.

This article explains how to add a checkbox to a form so that it is mandatory. And how a linkable text can be arranged directly below.

Please also take a look at the general instructions for forms here.

Let's create a form like this one:


 For this you need the elements "Checkbox" and "HTML".


The HTML element is below the checkbox.

You can link, for example, your Privacy Policy in the HTML element . This is only possible in an HTML element.

Just click on it to create one. A new element appears at the bottom of your form. Drag it to the right place. Click on the element to edit it und place a link:


The checkbox is a little more complex.

Click on the item and configure it as follows:


Determine the headline in "Description" and at the very bottom the text, that you want to appear next to the checkbox. Also don't forget to determine a data field in which the click and the text should be saved.

Select that the check box is a mandatory field. Now the form can only be sent if this box is ticked.

The most important setting is the margin to the bottom. Select a negative margin, I have determined -35 pixels.

This moves the following HTML field closer to the checkbox, so that it looks like the text belongs to the same element.

Click [Save] to pass the checkbox to the form and drag it across the HTML area.

Now your form looks as the one shown at the beginning.