Create a GDPR compliant form with checkbox

Please note that we are unfortunately unable to provide general legal advice and can only make recommendations for which we accept no liability. We recommend that you contact your legal advisor regarding the GDPR, as you are the data controller.

In this article, we explain how you can integrate a checkbox into a form so that it is mandatory.
We also show how a linked text can be placed directly below it in an appealing way.

If you need basic information on forms, we recommend our article Forms for newsletters - overview.
Your form could look like this once it has been created:

For this you need the elements checkbox and HTML area.

  1. Open the forms area on the left via the menu item and click on Add form.

  2. Define a name for your form, e.g. GDPR, and select a list to which the recipients should subscribe using this form.
  3. Let's start with the HTML element:
    You can use this to link your privacy policy, for example. Click on the element (it will be automatically inserted into your form).
  4. Click on the HTML element (highlighted in yellow) within the form.

  5. Enter your desired text and add a link that leads to your privacy policy, for example. Click on Save.

  6. Move the element to a suitable position in the form (in our example above the login button) and click on Save.

The checkbox is somewhat more complex:
Insert the element and configure it as follows:

  1. Add a heading under Description and define a data field.

  2. Tick that the checkbox is a mandatory field. The form can only be sent if this box is ticked.
  3. The most important setting is the distance to the bottom. Select a negative distance here, e.g. -35 pixels, so that the distance between the elements is as small as possible.
  4. Click on Save to finalise the editing.

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