Insert ReCaptcha V2 into forms

Reading time: 1 min

Integrating ReCaptcha into your email marketing forms helps to improve the quality of your mailings, increase the security of your data and boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

How to insert them into your form:

  1. Log in to your CleverReach account and click on Forms in the menu on the left.

  2. Open an existing form or create a new form via Add form.

  3. Click on the Content tab and select Content > Signup or Unsubscribe form > reCAPTCHA V2.

    You can also change the size and design.

Note: On 31.03.2018, Google deactivated the ReCaptcha V1 function (security query in the newsletter registration form).

Please check your forms in your CleverReach account and replace the captcha if necessary.

Help & Support

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