How can I redeem a voucher code?

If you have a voucher code you can redeem this at two places within your account:

Redeem voucher in plan selection

You can go to [My Account] > [Billing] > [Plans & Prices]. Here you will find the respective link to enter your voucher code. We recommend this option to make use of your vouchers.

Redeem voucher when placing an order

Alternatively you can redeem voucher codes while placing an order. On the first page (bottom right) you will find the option to enter the code. Please make sure that the voucher code actually is valid for the article you have selected. E.g. if you try to redeem a voucher code for a Flex contingent when ordering an Essential plan this cannot be assigned to the desired plan since Essential and Flex plans cannot be combined. Of course you will receive the Flex contingent in your account in the amount the voucher was worth.

Important notes:

  1. Please take note of the expiration dates on your voucher. Expired vouchers cannot be used.
  2. Vouchers normally can only be used once per account.
  3. Any other remuneration is precluded. You can neither get cash nor a retroactive credit towards your current plan.