How to use the CleverReach classic editor

Please note: This helpcenter post describes how to proceed with our old Classic Editor for creating newsletters. The Classic Editor is no longer technically developed.  

We recommend creating your emails in our new Newsletter Editor from now on. It is continuously developed, much easier to use and it offers lots of valuable and handy features.

With the classic editor you can place images and content wherever you want within your email. The editor offers the following functionality:

  • Content blocks are added via visual selectors (1), moved (2), duplicated (3) or deleted (4).

  • Content elements that have already been edited can be saved as snippets in the side menu. (5)
  • Every single content element within a newsletter can be matched with a recipient profile so that multiple targeted newsletters can be distributed using only one email campaign. (6)

  • Often-used sets of content blocks can be saved as individual templates and are then available for the production of future email campaigns ([Emails] > [Save template]).
  • For every content block defined within a template you can determine which editing functionalities are available. E.g. for an element that is supposed to contain text only the option of uploading images can be deactivated.