My links are not working! What can I do?

Solution Guides:

  • Check if your link was inserted with a preceding http:// when you pasted it.
  • Google Analytics can also cause problems. Test if the link works without the GA link parameters.

Only a tracking link is sent in the mailing itself, but the actual destination is issued by our system.

If you find that the links provided in the email are incorrect, you can change them after the fact, even if the mailing has already been sent (see below).

Change link in mailing afterwards

Open the Emails item in the menu on the left. Click on the three dots next to the email on the right and on View reports for the respective mailing.

Click Links > Click Performance.

Click the three dots next to the link and click edit to customize the link.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our service team at any time.