Why are my (preview) mailings not delivered?

In general it is possible that your email server is blocking the emails and stopping them from being delivered. Reasons could be as follows:

  1. Your mailserver has blacklisted the CleverReach sending servers.
  2. The email is not delivered because the sender address and the recipient address are identical.
  3. The email is not delivered because the tracking URL is not your your subdomain and thus does not match your sender domain.
  4. Too many preview emails were sent. Some servers stop delivering emails if they receive too many requests at once.
  5. Please contact your admin first to find out the reason why the email was not delivered. This could also prove relevant for the actual distribution to external recipients since their servers might react in a similar way to yours.

Below you will find the IP-range of our servers. The IP addresses can be whitelisted on your servers to ensure delivery:

Our servers: -

Please also note our general measures for optimization of deliverability.