Checking your recipient lists after import

All recipient lists are subject to an approval process to ensure that the contacts were gathered in accordance with current laws and our Anti Spam policy. This process is necessary for us to guarantee maximum deliverability in the long run for the millions of emails that are sent from our servers each day. Before we can unlock recipient groups you need to deliver information on the origin of the contacts and the method through which they entered your list.

We generally estimate that this approval process takes us one workday. In most cases, however, during business times we can finish these checks within a couple of hours or even instantly. In this process we check all the information you have provided and the more information you provide the better we will be able to finish the approval process quickly.

If your data is NOT in accordance with our Anti Spam policy we will need to reject the contact list and you will not be able to distribute emails to those contacts. So we recommend to have your contacts evaluated as quickly as possible:

Approval procedure:

As soon as the process is started you will see the following message in your dashboard:

Via the respective Button [Begin approval process] you can now enter information about the origin of the data. Please be precise in your descriptions to make the approval process easier.

In a first step you will be told again which types of data you are allowed to use in CleverReach.

In a second step you then select the method of how the data has been collected. This is the information that will now be checked by the ClevereReach team. Precise and comprehensive information will help us accomplish the check quicker. When entering a domain e.g. it is helpful if you enter the direct link to the registration form and not just the main domain.

In a third and final step you then enter your contact data. This is only needed in special cases. The regular process will run in your account.

You will receive a confirmation message and your data will be submitted to the CleverReach team for approval. Please wait until you receive feedback directly in your account.

The following 3 scenarios are possible:
  1. Your data was accepted
  2. There are questions about your data
  3. Your data was rejected

1. Your data was accepted

You will receive a respective confirmation via email. In your account the note attached to your new group will be removed.

2. There are questions about your data

If questions come up in regards to your data you will be notified in your dashboard. Of course you will also receive an email notification.

Click on the red link [Questions on: ] and enter your answer in the window that then opens.

From this point in time one of the first two scenarios can apply.

3. Your data was rejected

If your data is not in accordance with our anti spam guidelines we cannot allow usage of this data. You will receive an email notification and the group will be marked respectively in your account. This group cannot be used for email distribution.

Important notes:

  1. We don’t arbitrarily reject data. We evaluate it in light of the information you have provided to us. If there are any uncertainties we will approach you with our questions.
  2. Our phone support will be able to advise you on the details of your list but is not actively involved in the approval and has no influence on the process.
  3. Should you have further questions please submit a request.
  4. If it turns out that we cannot permit sending emails to your recipients via our system we will advise you on possible next steps.
  5. If you have already booked a plan or have prepaid for a certain amount of emails we might be able to negotiate a goodwill agreement if your credits have not been used.
  6. Should you try to manipulate the process (or give us false information on the contacts) we reserve the right to block your account.