Switching from the Classic to the HTML or source code Editor

Please note: This helpcenter post describes how to proceed with our Classic Editor for creating newsletters. The Classic Editor is no longer technically developed.  

We recommend creating your emails in our new Newsletter Editor from now on. It is continuously developed, much easier to use and it offers lots of valuable and handy features.

How to switch the editor for mailing creation in Newsletter Editor, you will learn in this Helpcenter post.

While editing your email in the Classic Editor click on [Template].

Now you have the choice of switching between three editors.


Classic Editor Work with overarching styles and our pre-defined elements. We recommend this editor especially in combination with our templates.
HTML Editor This editor gives you the option to edit the HTML via a graphic editor. We recommend this editor to experienced users who want to fine-tune their emails.
Source text Editor Only suited for experienced users. Here you are working with the source text only.
Newsletter Editor In our newsletter editor you can create your mailing quickly and easily in drag & drop style and have many design options. We recommend using this editor, especially in combination with our templates.

Important notes

  • We offer the option to work directly in the source text. However, we cannot offer you support if this leads to issues with your emails.
  • The HTML and the Source text editor are sensitive tools that require expert knowledge. Here the editor takes full responsibility for the results.