Our Lite plan - terms and conditions

There is no time restriction to our Lite plan. You can have up to 250 active recipients in your account and send up to 1,000 emails within the plan’s duration. As soon as you have more than 250 active recipients in your account you can no longer use the free plan and rather need to switch to a paid plan. You will receive a system notification as soon as you exceed the maximum allowed number of recipients.

Under the menu item [My Account] you can check the status of your current plan:

Available delivery limit

Shows you the number of emails you can still send. Example: 800 of 1,000 means that you can still send 800 emails (out of 1,000 total).

Number of subscribers

Displays the number of active recipients. In this example the account contains 140 of a maximum of 250 recipients.

Current price plan

Displays the currently active plan.

Billing frequency

Displays when the free plan will be filled up with 1,000 emails again.

Important notes:

  1. There is no automatic price increase for the free plan should you exceed the number of 250 contacts.
  2. The auto responder and the split test functionality are not available in the Lite plan.
  3. You cannot remove the CleverReach logo from forms and templates.
  4. The available memory in the image database is limited to 5 MB.
  5. If you are using our Lite plan you can either distribute OR schedule a campaign. Multiple campaigns cannot be distributed / scheduled at the same time.