Our monthly plans explained

How can I select a monthly plan?

In your account under [My Account] > [Billing] > [Monthly plans & Prepaid] you will find an overview of all plans and can order the one best suited to your needs.

What are Essential plans?

With our monthly Essential plans you can send an unlimited amount of emails. Our Essential plans comply with the amount of all active recipients within the groups of an account. The plan changes automatically when the number of recipients increases. Bounces and unsubscribes are not included in the calculation. The plan changes automatically when the number of recipients increases. These plans can be chosen for up to 125,000 active recipients.

How do I know which plan I need to select?

The plans relate to the number of active recipients. This number is calculated automatically and displayed in your account so that you can see which plans are available to you.

Will I be informed if my plan changes automatically?

Yes! Two days before your next invoice you will receive an email. Additionally you will be notified within your account about the change.

What happens when I add further recipients to my account and my Essential plan no longer covers this new number?

If you add recipients and exceed the maximum number of active contacts in your current plan you will see a notice in your account that a plan change is necessary. You need to change to the next higher plan by the time you send out your next email. In doing this you will only be charged the prorated difference to your former plan. If you do not change the plan within a billing cycle it will automatically be changed before the next invoice is due. Of course you will be notified by us of this change two days in advance.

Example: You have 4,500 active recipients in your account and pay 45.00 Euro / month. Now you add another 1,000 recipients which brings your total up to 5,500 active recipients. The cost for the respective plan is 65.00 Euro / month. If you wanted to initiate a distribution within your current billing cycle you only need to pay the prorated difference in plans (of course in relation to your current term).

If you do not initiate a new distribution within the current billing cycle you will be switched to the new plan (65.00 Euro / month) at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Important notes:

  1. Our Lite plan is not automatically upgraded to a higher plan!
  2. There is no automatic downgrade to the next lower plan should you reduce the number of active recipients.
  3. You can cancel your plan anytime for the beginning of the next billing cycle.
  4. All named prices are samples and do not include VAT.
  5. There are different payment options in our system.