Adding your own (HTML) template to your account

In CleverReach you have the possibility to use your own templates. These can generally be saved in the template management or uploaded during the creation process of your mailings. To use your own templates, use the CleverReach template technique.

Custom template upload

  1. You can upload and manage your own HTML templates on the left side of the menu under
    Email > Templates. When you create a new email, you can access, edit and send these templates.

  2. To upload a template, click the orange Add template button on the right.

  3. A pop-up Add template appears. Enter the appropriate data or upload your template and click Add.

  4. Once uploaded, the template will appear in a small preview window. You can edit or delete the template at any time.

Important notes

  • You can only upload templates that are based on HTML or HTM files.
  • Do not use HTML templates that have been created and converted with external software (e.g. Coral Draw, Photoshop etc.). HTML that is converted with such software is likely to cause layout issues in certain email clients.
  • Have a look at our general instructions for the creation of e-mails and templates.
  • In addition to your templates, you can also use your own elements in CleverReach. You can find more info about this here.
  • Please note that you can upload images up to a maximum size of 500 KB per image. For more information, click here.