Providing the option to unsubscribe

You are required by law to give your recipients the option to unsubscribe. This can be implemented with CleverReach. The functionality is actually already integrated in the CleverReach templates. You will find it in the footer of our templates. Of course you can also add this option to your own templates. To do so simply add a hyperlink with the following URL:


Alternatively you can add the unsubscribe option through the curly brackets: 


If you want to add the option to unsubscribe directly to the HTML of your template you will need to add the following HTML tag:

You can <a href="{UNSUBSCRIBE}">here</a>.

This system variable automatically generates an unsubscribe link which your subscribers can use to opt-out of your newsletter list. You have further options to tailor the unsubscribe process. E.g. you can alter the unsubscribe texts and the type of unsubscribe used (double opt-out or direct opt-out).

Of course you also have the option to set up your individual unsubscribe process. Please note that in this case you are responsible for the proper functioning and the synchronization of data. If a contact unsubscribes from a newsletter using your unsubscribe process this information must be passed on to the CleverReach database.

Important notes:

  1. Make sure that the variable contains only capital letters and is framed by curly brackets.
  2. You will see the unsubscribed contacts in the reporting section only if they used the CleverReach unsubscribe functionality.
  3. When a contact has unsubscribed he will be set to inactive within the group. We recommend to not delete the contact.
  4. The unsubscribe always applies to the group through which the recipient was contacted.
  5. The unsubscribe option is automatically integrated in the CleverReach templates.