Can I assign a form to another recipient group?

No. Once a form has been created you can not assign it to a new recipient group. To avoid having to create a new form you can copy an existing one and then assign it to a new group. First open the form overview under [Forms]. In the form overview you can then copy an existing form.

On the next screen you can then select the name of the form as well as the group it will be assigned to:

Now the form is created for the new group. Of course you can still edit the form if needed. Be sure to assign all necessary database fields to the respective recipient group. Open the form under [Contents] > [Signup form] and check the settings.

Important notes:

  1. After finalizing the copy you need to exchange the source code on your website with the code from the new form or respectively reassign the form e.g. in Wordpress/Typo3/Joomla.
  2. Please be sure to assign database fields. correctly. Database fields might be missing in the copied recipient group. These missing fields must then be created in this group and assigned to the form. You can do this under [Settings] > [Fields].