Providing a newsletter registration form

Using the forms functionality you have the option to create registration and unsubscribe forms to your newsletter to place on your website. Additionally this functionality allows you to configure the unsubscribe pages as well as confirmation emails for your registration processes. The registration via these forms happens exclusively via the secure double opt-in process.

Create a form

You will find this functionality under [Forms] > [Create form]. Please be aware that a form is always assigned to a specific group within your recipient base.

Configuring the form

After creating the form you can edit its different areas using the available tabs. When editing a form you have the following options.

Design Basic design elements (background color, font etc.)
Contents Selection and input of content (different forms and emails)
Settings Basic form settings
Source code / Distribution
Source code for integration into your website

Through the tab [Design] you can define the basic design elements of a form. You will find various options to configure a form design on the left side of the editor. Here you can e.g. select the frame, background color etc. for the forms. Keep in mind that changes to the design affect all form elements including landing pages for registrations and unsubscriptions.

Under [Contents] you can select the part of the form you want to adapt, i.e. which form or email should be edited.

In the left sidebar you will find the respective modules that can be integrated into your form or email (less options).

A text entry field is used to collect data such as Name. It is important to select the respective data field in the drop down menu.

Subscribers can indicate their interests by checking boxes. Here also you need to assign a data field. You can find more information on data fields here.

Integrate a form into your website

After you have finished configuring the form you can place it on your website using the source code. Under [Source code / Distribution] you will find the source code of your form. You can copy this and add it to the appropriate space on your website.

Important notes:

  1. Please be sure to copy the entire content from the box.
  2. We only supply the code for the forms and cannot offer support for the integration into your website since there are a variety of factors to consider and we do not log into external systems as a rule.
  3. If you have issues with the display deactivate CSS and/or Java Script. In some cases the website styles can overwrite the form styles. This is not an error in the form’s source code.
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