Forms for Newsletters

You can create responsive signup and unsubscribe form in your CleverReach account in just a few steps. By integrating the signup form e.g. on your website, in your blog or your social media channels you can easily win new subscribers for your email newsletter online.

The subscription via our forms exclusively takes place via Double-Opt-in in compliance with the GDPR. Additionally, the confirmation emails for subscriptions and unsubscribes are configurated when creating the form – you can easily adapt them.

Creating a new form

Go to your account and navigate to [Forms] and create a new form by hitting the [Add Form] button in the top right corner.  

Note: You can only assign a form to one recipient list.


Configuring the Form

After having created the form, you can edit the different sections via the tabs. You have various options:

Design design and general settings of the form (background colors, font, header, button etc.)
Contents select the content you want to adapt (signup and unsubscribe forms and emails)
Settings General settings (Information and forwarding)
Source code / Distribution
URL and source code for integration on your website

The [Design] tab allows you to define the general formatting of your forms. The left section of the editor offers you different tools and options for design. For example, select frames, background colors and more for your forms.

Please note, that design changes affect all form elements, including landingpages for subscribing and unsubscribing.

The menu item [Contents] lets you select the section you want to edit – e.g. which form or email you want to adapt.

You can find modules you can insert in your form or email in the left sidebar.  

If you want to edit the signup form for example, you can add a text field or area, a checkbox and much more. You can use the text field for entering data such as last name, first name, etc. It’s essential to select a respective data fields from the drop-down menu. This is the only way the tool knows in which data field the information should be added to the recipient’s data set.

 Find more details on our data fields here.

Collect interests and preferences via checkboxes. You’ll also have to assign a data field at this point. 


Inserting Signup and Unsubscribe Forms in Your Website

When you’re done configuring the form, you can use the source code to place the form on your website. Go to [Source Code / Distribution] to find the generated source code. Copy the code and paste it wherever you want on your website.

When navigating to [Source code / Distribution] you’ll also find a URL for the form, which you can share and send.

Copy Existing Forms:

You can copy your existing form and e.g. link it to a new recipient list. Navigate to [Forms] in your account. There you’ll find an arrow on the right next to your form, which you can expand:

Click on [Copy] to create a copy of your form.  


Important Notes:

  • You can assign one recipient list to a form. You can’t change the recipient list afterwards.
  • Each query field must be linked to a data field.
  • Please make sure to copy the entire content of the box under [Source code / Distribution].
  • We give you the source code for your forms, however, we can’t support you at inserting it on your website. There are many factors involved in that process and we cannot log into third party systems.
  • If there are problems with the display, deactivate the CSS and/or Java Script functions under [Source code / Distribution]. In some cases the styles of the website may overwrite the styles of the form.
  • Forms created since mid-February 2021 are automatically responsive.

Help & Support

Browse through PUSHIII on our website and discover exiting insight on how to win new email subscribers via your website.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact our service team at any time.