Identifying unsubscribed recipients

When a recipients unsubscribes from an email using the integrated CleverReach unsubscription functionality you can identify and evaluate these contacts as follows:

Evaluation through Reports

In the email reports you will find the unsubscribed contacts marked separately. Open the respective report via the menu item [Reports]. There you will find the category [Logged out]. After clicking on this category you will get an overview of the unsubscribed recipients. With a click on the button [Action] at the top right you can download the data as a csv-file and, if needed, match this list with your own database (e.g. CRM software). These unsubscriptions refer exclusively to the selected email.

Evaluation through Recipient Segments

With the Segment functionality you can generally filter all recipients that unsubscribed on or since a certain date. This segmentation does not relate to a single mailing but rather filters all recipients that unsubscribed on a certain date. Every recipient that unsubscribed through the system will be marked with the unsubscribe date and can be captured by a segment. First create a segment that has a certain unsubscribe date as a condition:

Since this segmentation only displays the active recipients you can view the inactive recipients by clicking on the number 0. The export function will allow you to download these contacts as a csv-file at any time.