Integration Facebook Lead Ads

To set up the integration please go through the following steps:

Navigate to [My Account] - [Extras] - [Integrations] on the right profile icon in your CleverReach® account.


Now scroll down to „Facebook Lead Ads“.

Click on the arrow to open the integration interface.

Click on [New Connection]


Log into your Facebook account.


Please confirm the subsequent pop-ups.

CleverReach® needs the permission to manage pages; navigate to „manage_pages“ in Facebook and grant access. When after that someone subscribes to a newsletter via the selected Facebook pages, CleverReach® is automatically notified. CleverReach® then logs into this page and retrieves the new subscriber's data.


The interface of the integration basically consists of a listing of the Facebook pages of the logged-in account in table form. You can assign a recipient list from your CleverReach® database and a form to each of these pages.  

A Facebook page can have several lead ads and forms. Each of these forms can be assigned to different lists in CleverReach.





The selected list is the place where your leads from the respective page get imported to.

The form defines the layout of the Double-Opt-in email sent to potential leads.

A default form is created automatically for a new list. You can change it in the form editor.

Please note: You need to select a form.

Please don’t delete your manually linked lists and forms, as leads will get lost if you do!

If the connection has been established successfully, you can see the newly connected page and the settings.