Activating unsubscribes via single- or direct opt-out

CleverReach gives you the option to use its integrated unsubscribe functionality. In the default templates this functionality is always included. The standard unsubscribe process is always a direct opt-out. That means that a recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link of an email and is immediately unsubscribed without a two-step confirmation. This procedure helps to preempt unsubscribes by a third party.

Of course you can also offer unsubscribes through a single opt-out or direct opt-out to make the process easier for the recipient. To do this you first need to create a form for the respective group of recipients (see form creation). Open the form and click on [Settings] > [Information]. There you will find the following opt-out settings:

1. Single opt-out through email link

In this scenario the recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link within the email and is taken to the landing page of the form. There they must finalize the unsubscribe by clicking. After submitting the data the unsubscribe is final. We recommend this option if e.g. you would like to ask the recipient for a reason before he actually unsubscribes.

2. Single opt-out through public form

Same as #1 with the addition that this option also allows for unsubscribes through a web form on your website. We do not recommend this option since this could allow third parties to unsubscribe your recipients.

3. Unsubscribe via click

With this option the contact is unsubscribed immediately after clicking the link. No further action needs to be taken. After clicking the unsubscribe link the recipient will immediately see the confirmation page. This option is recommended if you want to make the unsubscribe process as easy as possible for your recipients. However, accidental clicks on the link will always lead to an unsubscribe.

Important notes:

  1. The single opt-out functionality does not trigger confirmation emails.
  2. If you create the form retroactively it will not affect any existing email drafts at first. To activate it in an email click on [Settings], select the correct form under [Options] and save your settings.