Editing the signup and unsubscribe texts

Via the form functionality you can enter your own texts for when forms are used on landing pages and in emails. You have to create at least one form for the group in question to use these texts. The form itself is divided into the sections [signup] and [unsubscribe]. This is where you can edit the landing pages and emails of the respective category.

Signup and unsubscribes (landing pages):

The landing page texts for signup and unsubscribes are entered directly into the form. Click [Contents] and select the needed landing page [Signup page], [Confirmation of signup] or [Unsubscribe page]. You can edit the text in the respective section by clicking on it.

Signup and unsubscribes (email texts):

The texts for the emails (opt-in and opt-out) for the signup and unsubscribes are entered directly into the form. Click on [Contents] in the form and select the email type you need [Opt-in email], [Signup successful email] or [Opt-out email]. Here you can edit the respective content as well as enter the sender name, subject line and sender address. You can also decide if you would like to send HTML or text emails. In the form settings you can deactivate the distribution of HTML emails entirely. Make sure that the opt-in and opt-out confirmations contain the following link: {ACT_LINK} (by default). This is the activation link needed for the signup and unsubscribes. The application of the respective emails and landing pages (especially for the unsubscribes) is dependent on the type of unsubscribe.

As an alternative you can create your own landing pages. To do this click on [Information] > [Redirections] within the form and add the URL to your website in the respective section.

Using forms in email campaigns

When you create a new email you have to assign the respective form in the email settings.