Installation xt:Commerce Plugin

This document explains basic steps how to use the new version of the CleverReach® plugin for xt:Commerce and its functions.


This plugin enables the connection between your CleverReach® account and your xt:Commmerce shop. It includes the following features:

  • Export of existing contacts and customers including their order information
  • Regular live export of new contacts and customers including their order information
  • Product search: Insert your products into your newsletter
  • Connect Link extension: Statistics about orders and turnovers from each email campaign
  • Option to allocate different online shops to your CleverReach® account.

Plugin Setup

To install the CleverReach® plugin, go to the Plugins section [1] and click on plugins uninstalled [2]. After that, the CleverReach® plugin is listed [3] under module class: marketing, as shown in the image below:

To continue with the installation process, click on the green icon on the right as shown in the image below:

After the installation, the plugin needs to be enabled. Click the edit button on the right to enable the plugin as shown in the image below:

To enable the plugin, check the plugin status checkbox [1] and click the Save button [2] as shown in the image below:

Connection to CleverReach®

When the plugin is installed/updated, you must log in to CleverReach®. To open the plugin, click on the Marketing section and choose CleverReach Newsletter [1]. The plugin window should appear along with a list of stores [2] as shown in the image below:

On the left side of the plugin window, all stores are listed. The icon next to the store name indicates whether the store is connected or disconnected. On the right panel, all settings for the selected store are shown. There are three sub-panels: Authorization, Assignments and Export.

The authorization panel shows the status of each plugin function:

  • connection
  • product search activation
  • shop / customer group assignment
  • export

If you are not logged in, other sub-panels are disabled.

To connect to CleverReach®, click the Login button as shown in the image below:

After hitting the Login button, a window as shown in the image below is opened:


Now you have the options to create and connect a new account or login with your existing account.

The following credentials must be entered to connect the plugin with your existing CleverReach® account:

  • Customer ID
  • Username
  • Password

After entering the credentials and clicking on the [Log in now & connect xt:Commerce! ] button, the plugin is connected to your CleverReach® account.

The status in the Authorization panel is changed, the login time is shown [1] and the Assignment panel is enabled [2]:

Product search

To use this function, the product search must be activated. This can be done by hitting the Activate product search button:

When the product search is activated, a green tick is shown:

When defining the content [1] during the process of creating an email in the CleverReach® admin panel, the activated product search for every shop is listed as a dynamic element [2] on the right-side menu as shown in the image below:


To export customers to CleverReach® lists and optionally send double opt-in emails, at least one customer group (first column in Shop / customer groups assignment panel) from your shop must be assigned to a group in CleverReach® (second column in Shop / customer groups assignment panel) as shown in the image below:

Optionally, the number of records per export can be set to less than 250 [1].
To start the export, hit the Export button [2] as shown in the image below:

After the export is finished, a green tick sign is shown in the Authorization panel:

Besides the manual export, the plugin also supports the live export of new contacts and customers along with their order information.

Connect Link extension

This function allows you to measure conversions through your CleverReach® interface. It requires the activation of the Connect link extension as shown in the image below:

When this feature is activated, go to [Reports] > [Campaign name] > [Overview] where the report for a specific campaign is shown. Statistics regarding campaign and conversion data can be found in the report:

Conversions can also be seen directly in the recipients' profiles. Go to a specific recipient and click on Purchase information [1]. After that, all data regarding the recipient's purchases is shown [2]:

Important Notes:

1. This plugin supports only the xt-versions 4 and 5. A usage within the shopsystem Modified isn't offered with this plugin.


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