Integration of SurveyMonkey surveys

Surveys with CleverReach can be implemented in connection with the software tool SurveyMonkey. With SurveyMonkey, you can create online surveys in just a few minutes, automatically evaluate results, and graphically display them in real time. Sign up for free on and test the system with the free price plan. To use SurveyMonkey's tool properly, you will need a paid plan from SurveyMonkey.

How do I create a survey?

Once you have a SurveyMonkey account, you can create and configure your own survey:


How do I set up the SurveyMonkey interface in CleverReach?

Set up the connection to SurveyMonkey in your CleverReach account under [Account] > [Extras] > [Integrations] > [SurveyMonkey] > [Establish new connection] . Simply enter your credentials.


How do I integrate the survey in my mailing?

Now you can access you created surveys in your mailings. Add a new dynamic element to your mailing. Now you can select the survey you want to add to your mailing. After you have selected the survey, you must select the display format and then your survey is integrated in your mailing. Finally, check whether the survey is listed in the share window under "Content". If this is the case, you can send your mailing.


How do I evaluate my survey in CleverReach?

Once your mailing has been sent you can view the results in the reports. Go to [Reports] and open the mailing. On the main page at the bottom you will find the results of the survey.


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