Locating API keys, list IDs and form IDs

Some interfaces require you to insert an API key, a list ID and/or a form ID. This information enables you to connect your CleverReach account to an external interface. To connect e.g. to Magento, Veyton, Shopware and Wordpress such keys are mandatory.

Creating/locating an API key

You can locate this information directly in your account. Just go to [My Account] > [Extras] > [SOAP API]. If you have not created an API-key yet you need to insert a key – if your user is authorized to do so. Click on [Create API key] and enter the data.

Purpose of use: internal name for administration purposes
Access rights: defines rights of the key (“read and write rights” or “read rights only”)

You can now copy the newly created API key and enter it to connect to an external interface.

Locating list IDs

The list ID is a unique ID of the respective recipient group. You will find the list ID in the overall settings of the recipient group under [Settings] > [General].

Locating form IDs

Every form has a unique ID, which allows you to e.g. trigger the double opt-in via an external interface (depending on the interface). You will find the form ID in the general settings of the form under [Settings] > [Information].

Important notes:

  1. The created API key is valid for the entire account. If you want to connect to multiple external platforms (e.g. Shopsystem and Wordpress) you do not need to create a new API key for each platform. The list ID determines which group a registration will be assigned to. Of course you can use a different API key per external platform if your setup requires this.
  2. When using our API please be sure to select “Read and write rights” since otherwise no data will be transferred. The option “Read rights only” is only meant for API connections that allow you to simply read data without transferring it.
  3. You can create new API keys and delete or deactivate existing ones at any time. Please note that you need to adapt your connection to an external platform whenever you make a change to your API keys.
  4. To get a list ID you need to create a recipient group first.
  5. To get a form ID you need to create a form for the respective recipient group.
  6. If you want to use the API you need to make sure the SOAP client function on your webserver is enabled.