Language administration in CleverReach

CleverReach lets you create and distribute emails in various languages. We currently offer the following as system-languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

You can also create emails and forms in other languages. Our system supports nearly all characters for distribution of emails so that you can use any language. In general we recommend separating your recipient groups by language. Accordingly you would need to create on group per language (under [Lists]).

To make sure that opt-in and unsubscribe are available in the correct languages you will need to create a new form for every group (language) under [Forms].

If you want to create one newsletter per language you can go to [Emails] > [Create email] > [Create a simple email] and assign the newsletter to the respective recipient group.

Please make sure to assign the corresponding unsubscribe form in the correct language.

Please note the following:
When creating an email the standard texts (e.g. link to online version, unsubscribe link etc.) are only available in the system-languages German and English. We will be offering further languages shortly.

If you are creating your email in another language you can edit these standard texts. Just click in the corresponding area of your email to edit the text and simply replace the standard throughout your own text. Please take into consideration the features of our template technology, in case you want to safe the draft as a template.

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