Exporting recipient data

You can export the master data of your recipients any time.

Exporting data

Within the recipient group you can export the current view at any time, regardless of which recipients are currently being displayed. Click on the export icon when you are on the overview page for your recipient group.

On the next page you can then select the font and the separator of the export file and then start the export by clicking on [Download].

The export process will now begin. If you are exporting a small list you will immediately see a confirmation on the page with the respective download link:

If you are downloading a large file you do not need to stay on this page and wait for the results. After initiating an export you will receive an email with the link to download the file. The email will be sent to the address that corresponds with the user who initiated the export (see [My Account] > [User]). The file will be available for up to 24 hours. You can initiate a new export any time as long as there is not another export running at the same time.

Targeted export of data

The default export always gives you all data of the current view, which you have determined beforehand. You can get more specific and e.g. export only the inactive recipients from within a group:

You can also export a segment. To do this simply use the advanced search, have the data displayed and then start the export: