Why do I need intergroup fields?

Intergroup fields enable you to create and maintain central database fields that can be used for all recipient groups. This usage makes sense e.g. if you send an email to multiple groups and would like to personalize the communication. Using intergroup fields has the following benefits:

  1. Necessary fields only need to be created once (instead of separately in every recipient group)
  2. Emails to multiple groups can be personalized.
  3. Changes to a recipient (e.g. name, salutation etc.) in group A will automatically be transferred to all other groups (redundancy).

Within every recipient group you will find all available database fields under [Settings] > [Fields]. At the top you will find the fields specific to this group. These fields are available exclusively within this group. At the bottom you will find the intergroup fields, which are available in all groups.

To create intergroup fields just create a new field and check the box [Intergroup]. This field is now automatically assigned to all groups.

With this method you can e.g. create general fields such as Salutation, First Name and Last Name and have them available in other groups as well.

Important notes:

  1. Local fields can not be converted to intergroup fields. In this case you need to create the fields completely new and insert data to these fields through an import.
  2. If you want to send an email to multiple groups and personalize it you must use intergroup fields.
  3. When you delete intergroup fields all information related to these fields will be deleted from all groups.
  4. If a value changes for a recipient within an intergroup field (e.g. Last Name) this change will be made automatically in all groups in which the recipient is contained.