Searching for recipients

1. Group specific search

Within the respective recipient group you can search for all available data. E.g. you can explicitly search for first name or last name or an email address. Whenever you enter a search term into the search box the system will do a full text search within the standard fields (such as email address, first name, last name). Start the search by clicking the magnifier symbol.

You can also use the advanced search functionality to search within certain database fields. Just click [Advanced search] and select the field you want to search. You can also search your segments.

Since this is a full text search you do not need placeholders. In the following example the search term demo will be checked for within the field email:

All found entries can be downloaded directly as a csv file by clicking on the export symbol.

2. Intergroup search

You can also search for data across groups. However you can only search for the email address (without placeholders). Enter the email address into the search box at the top right when you are in the group overview and click the search button (magnifier symbol).

The search results will be displayed on a separate screen, sorted by groups in which the recipients are saved.