Using the blacklist

CleverReach offers a blacklist functionality that allows you to block email addresses and entire domains. All entries on the blacklist will be automatically ignored respectively deleted for imports and mailings. CleverReach features two blacklists:

1. Global blacklist

Under [Groups] > [Blacklst] you will find the global blacklist. All entries in this list are taken into consideradion across groups. This means that this list will be referenced for every import/email campaign.

To create a new entry click [Add entries] on the top right. You can add multiple addresses through “Copy & Paste”. Use one line per entry.

2. Group specific blacklist

CleverReach offers the same functionality on a group level. Within the group you can enter group specific addresses under [Settings] > [Blacklist]. These entries will only be blocked within this specific group. Email addresses in other groups will not be affected. Enter one address per line and click the Save button.

Important notes:

  1. Entries within the blacklist will always be considered accordingly. Before every import or mailing a check against the blacklist happens.
  2. Entries on the blacklist will automatically be deleted by the system of import / distribution for performance reasons.
  3. You can also work with placeholders, e.g. if you need to block entire domains. Just create an entry as e.g. *
  4. Blacklist entries can be made automatically through feedback loops (e.g. with Hotmail or AOL). Whenever a contact marks one of your emails as spam those contacts can automatically be added to the blacklist.