Blacklist - Overview and Usage

CleverReach has blacklist functions that allow you to block email addresses or domains in general. All entries on the blacklist are automatically ignored or deleted during imports and mailings. There are a total of two different blacklists in our CleverReach environment:

Blacklist - What does the term mean?

In the email marketing world, blacklist (or blocklist, denial list) is used to refer to a list of IP addresses, domains, email addresses, or other identifiers that have been identified as sources of spam, malicious activity, or unwanted content.

If you blacklist an email address in our email marketing tool, any email communication with that address will be blocked or moved to the spam folder to prevent unsolicited emails from being sent to that address.

The use of blacklists is a common way to reduce spam, increase security and combat unwanted activity by excluding potentially problematic items from our system.

Global (cross-list) blacklist

Via Recipients > Blacklist you can find the global blacklist. All entries are taken into account here across all lists. This means that this recipient list is compared with all other lists before each import/mailing.

How to search, add or delete recipients you can read in this article.

List specific blacklist

The same function is also available for specific lists. Within the list, you can store list-specific entries under Settings > Blacklist. These entries apply exclusively to this recipient list. Addresses in other recipient lists remain unaffected.

Enter here the addresses or domains to be specifically blocked for this recipient list and click Save.

Important notes:

  1. Entries within the blacklist will always be considered accordingly. Before every import or mailing a check against the blacklist happens.
  2. Entries on the blacklist will automatically be deleted by the system of import / distribution for performance reasons.
  3. You can also work with placeholders, e.g. if you need to block entire domains. Just create an entry as e.g. *
  4. Blacklist entries can be made automatically through feedback loops (e.g. with Hotmail or AOL). Whenever a contact marks one of your emails as spam those contacts can automatically be added to the blacklist.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our service team at any time.