Filtering (segmenting) recipient lists

Use segments within a list to create filters and use them in a targeted manner. This makes it possible to, e. g., filter customers of a certain category or area. The only condition is that the informtation you want to filter exists in the recipient details.

Creating a segment

To create a segment, click on [Segments] within the recipient list. Create a new segment and determine the respective conditions.

In the following example, the system selects all recipients that correspond to the "Prospect" category field:

With the drop down menu [Recipients must] you can specify if your conditions are inclusive (AND) or exclusive (OR). E.g. if you select [one condition], recipients must only match this one criterion to be included in the segment. If you select [all conditions] all criteria must be met. If you only enter one condition for a segment, this selection has no impact.

The switch [Basic] lets you expand the segment functionality to choose between AND respectively OR connections of the single conditions.

Creating a FollowUp segment

You can segment recipients based on their activity within previously sent emails (FollowUp segment). As long as the Privacy function is deactivated (see [My Account] > [Settings] > [Privacy]) you can e.g. segment all recipients who have opened a specific mailing.

Now you can use a segment as target group for an email campaign or export the data within the segment. The segments are dynamic which means that should the data within a segment change, this will affect the actual segment. Segments can also be used for automated birthday emails. Find more information here.