Evaluating the quality of a recipient

The quality of a recipient is calculated as a percentage based on his activity. The calculation factors in points for (unique) actions per delivered email.

  1. A contact opens and clicks in an email: this recipient has received 100%!a(MISSING)ctivity (5 stars)
  2. A contact opens or clicks: 50%!a(MISSING)ctivity within this email (3 stars)
  3. No open or click: the recipient gets no points (0 stars)

The 5-star quality display shows the average quality of a contact based on all received emails.


In the first email the recipient clicks and opens and thus receives the maximum points (100%!a(MISSING)ctivity = 5 stars). In the second email the recipient only opens the email and gets half the points (50%!a(MISSING)ctivity = 3 stars). This results in an average score of 4 stars (75%!)(MISSING).

The segment functionality lets you filter by the quality of the recipients e.g. to filter for contacts with 3 stars or more.