Automated emails for different occasions, e.g. birthdays

The Autoresponder lets you distribute automated emails, e.g. with birthday wishes for your recipients. This functionality is available in all paid plans. Set it up once & keep profiting permanently.

Birthday emails are only one of many possible occasions for you to send an automated email. You have various other options:

  1. Recommending products based on the last purchase made in your shop
  2. Reactivating customers that haven't visited your shop in a while, e.g. with coupons
  3. Sending surveys after a purchase or click
  4. Welcoming new recipients 24 hours after registration
  5. Regular tips and tricks, PDF files or links to videos in a fixed order as part of an event or a series of info emails.

We demonstrate the functionality below based on a birthday email:

1. Create a database field to capture birthdays

First the recipients’ birthdays must be stored in the CleverReach database. Go to your recipient group and under [Settings] > [Fields] create the database field for birthday, which we simply called “birthday” in this example (you will find a brief instruction here). Be sure to select “Date” as the field type.

2. Create a segment to filter for birthdays

In a second step you need to create a segement that checks for birthdays daily. The segment needs to be added to the user group under [Segments] and must contain the condition Birthday -> is today -> days 0 ago. Of course you can also use this segment to filter contacts with birthdays one day later (Birthday -> is today -> days 1 ago)

3. Create an automated campaign for your recipient’s birtdays

As a final step you need to create an automated campaign using the Autoresponder so that your contacts actually receive their birthday email. First create a regular email campaign under the menu item [Autoresponder]. In the recipient assignment select the respective birthday segment you created earlier.

After that you need to determine the distribution settings within the Autoresponder [regularly], activate all weekdays and select a distribution time.

Important notes:

  1. Be sure to select all days in [Time] within the mail settings so that birthday emails can acutally be sent on any day, regardless of which weekday a birthday falls on.
  2. Emails will be sent every year according to the selections made in the segement. The condition “Date is today” refers to the day and month and is independent of the year!
  3. The Autoresponder is not available in the free version of CleverReach. You will need a paid account or a Flex option.