Segmentation after registration through form

Have you integrated registration forms for different topics on your website and want to send the recipients automated emails via the Autoresponder? CleverReach lets you do this very easily.

There are different ways to separate contacts within a group. One way is to do this is through segments. This means that you simply need to ask for certain information that can then be filtered by. For this purpose you need to create a database field within the recipient groups that can capture this information, e.g. “topic”.

How do I segment my data?

The recipient can choose between different topics within the form on your website, e.g. dog, cat and/or mouse.

After the form has been submitted you will have the option to filter this information by using segments. Go to the respective group and create a segment with the desired criteria. The following example will filter all recipients that have chosen “dog”.

Conditions can be chosen freely, e.g. you can now filter all recipients that have chosen “dog” and “cat”. Of course you can also work with drop down menus or radio buttons within your form so that users can only select one option.

How do I filter by the respective URL of each form?

Alternatively you can also segment by source. Under source within each recipient’s profile the exact URL of the used registration form is saved. That enables you to integrate a form on multiple sites and find out through the source field which site generated a registration: