Using custom data fields in recipient lists

You can add up to 45 custom fields in the recipient groups. After creating new fields, they can be filled with data manually or by import.

  1. Click Fields within the list under Settings.
    Here you can see all stored fields, sorted by list fields and cross-list fields. Generally we recommend to always use cross-list fields, you can find more info here.

  2. To add a field, click New Field and enter the name of the field.

Additionally, you have to determine what kind of field this is. This is important so that later on potential date and number fields can be used correctly within the system (see Segmentation). The following field types are available:

Text For simple text fields such as first and last name
Number For special number fields such as postal codes, voucher numbers
Salutation Necessary for personalized salutation
Date For special date information such as birthday

In addition you have the following options:

Online text This function is intended for a fixed alternative value in the online view
Cross-list Fields that should apply to all lists. This is necessary if, for example, you want to write to several lists and personalize them in the mailings (more info here).

Please note:

  1. Local fields cannot be converted to intergroup fields. In this case, you will have to create all fields again and transfer data to these fields via an Import
  2. Make sure that field names are unique (e.g. First Name as group field and additionally as intergroup field).
  3. Whenever you delete fields from your account all data contained in those fields will be lost for all recipients.
  4. In general, we recommend to always manage intergroup fields.
  5. Please note, that within the respective fields you can save a maximum of 255 physical tokens
  6. Fields cannot have the same name as our system fields. They are: "email", "id", "registered", "activated", "deactivated", "pool_id", "imported", "bounced", "bounce", "active", "source", "unsubscribe", "userid", "filter", "group_id", "blacklist", "tags" and "crtags".

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our service team. They’ll be there for you.