Why aren’t all my email addresses imported?

There are some processes running in the background during the import process First the list is scanned for doubles and all respective email addresses are filtered out. Additionally all email addresses are checked for validity. If, e.g. the @ is missing in an address it will be marked as invalid and not be imported. CleverReach also maintains global blocklists and bounce lists. If an email address is on one of these lists it will also not be imported. After the import process is final you will get a full report on the imported addresses.

General contact email addresses

After the import process is done you might see the message that certain email addresses were classified as general contact addresses and consequently were not imported. This will happen for the following addresses:

abuse@ admin@ admins@ alert@
alerts@ blackhole@ blacklist@ bulkmail@
devnull@ domain@ domains@ domrege@
domtech@ email@ ftp@


mailer-daemon@ maps@ newsmaster@


nospam@ postmaster@ privacy@


remarks@ root@ route@


spam@ spamtrap@ support@


user@ uucp@ webhosting@


webteam@ www@  


We do not enable usage of such addresses in our system since these addresses are usually not associated with a single person. In most cases these are company addresses whose owners can change frequently. Using these addresses in your mass mailings can lead to higher spam complaint rates, which endangers our system’s deliverability. To ensure good deliverability these addresses cannot be imported.