Removing bounces

Email addresses that have bounced 1x (hard bounce) or 3x (soft bounce) will automatically be added to our server’s bounce list. All affected addresses will be marked by a blue dot within their respective recipient groups. These addresses cannot receive emails for a month respectively one year (depending on the type of bounce). You can create and edit contacts with such addresses but a distribution is no longer possible. These addresses can be found in the recipient overview of the respective group under the filter [Bounces]. We recommend to delete/deactivate these addresses since a large portion are very likely to bounce in future email campaigns.

You can delete bounces in different ways:

1. Delete with separate delete functionality (across groups)

Under [Groups] > [Bounces] you can select to remove all bounces across recipient groups. Just click the button [Remove all bounces]. This will completely delete all bounces and will also affect the corresponding reports.

2. Delete / deactivate with import functionality (within a recipient group)

Under [Bounces] within a recipient group you will see all bounces of that group. You can export these contacts as a csv file with a click on the export icon:

After this step you need to import the csv file to this group again and select [Deactivate] or [Delete] when importing. If you decide to delete the contacts make sure to also delete them from your external data source (e.g. shop system, CRM etc.) since otherwise they might be included in a subsequent import:

Alternatively you can also evaluate bounces based on separate emails. Just go to the report of the respective email campaign and click on the button [Bounces] in the overview.

You can now export the listed bounce addresses as a csv file.

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