Deleting Bounced Newsletter Recipients

Email addresses, that could not have emails delivered to, are automatically added to our cross-customer bounce index.  

The email addresses in question are highlighted with a blue dot in your recipient list.  You won’t be able to contact these email addresses via newsletter for a month or a year (depending on the bounce type). You can still import them to your recipient lists, their bounce status however remains the same and you can’t contact your recipient via newsletter.  

Go to your recipient overview in your recipient list and filter for [Bounces] to see your bounced recipients.

We recommend checking and deleting or deactivating these email addresses, as a majority of these addresses will probably not be available for your newsletter delivery in the future.  

There are several ways to delete bounced recipients:

1. Delete with separate delete functionality (across all lists)

You can remove the bounces from all your lists by navigating to [Recipients] > [Bounces] in your CleverReach account. Simply click on [Delete All Bounces]. All bounced email addresses are deleted completely. Removing the bounces also affects your reports as they will no longer be included.

2. Delete / deactivate with import functionality (within a recipient group)

In the [Bounces] section of your recipient list you can identify the bounces. Export the data as a CSV file with just one click. Start by clicking on [All – Bounces] in your recipient list. There’s an export icon on the right that allows you to download the bounced recipients as an Excel sheet:

Then import this CSV file into the respective recipient list once again.

Select [Deactivate] or [Delete].

Bounced addresses are switched to inactive after the blocking period has passed if you have decided to [Deactivate] the recipient.

In case you go for [Delete] you should also remove the addresses in your external data source (e.g. shop system, CRM) as they would be imported again during your next import.

3. Deleting Mailing-Related

Furthermore, you can evaluate and remove bounces on a mailing-related basis. Navigate to [Reports & Analysis] in your CleverReach account and click on the report of your email. Click on the [Bounces] button in the overview.


You can export a list of these data as a CSV file.


If you do not see any recipients at this point, it may be because the data no longer exists (e.g. recipients were deleted) or the activities are no longer stored. For more information about the duration of the storage of the activities, please browse this Helpcenter article.

Please note: When you re-import the deleted recipients, they will still be marked as bounce. Deleting and re-importing does not change the bounce status of the recipients.

Help & Support

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