Deleting single recipients

Any recipient can be deleted manually from lists. The procedure is similar to deactivating recipients manually. You have the following options:

1. Deleting in single recipient groups

Click on [Groups] in the main menu and select a group. Here you can now search directly for contacts based on their email address or other information (e.g. first name and last name). All seach results will be displayed. Mark the desired set of data using the check box and select [Delete]:

As an alternative you can also click on the contact and then delete them.

2. Deleting across groups

To avoid having to search every group for certain recipients you can also deactivate recipients across groups. Click on [Groups] in the main menu. Here you can search for an email address in the search box at the top right (you can only search for an entire email address).

After the search is completed all search results will be displayed in a new window. Now you can mark contacts and delete them.

We recommend to always deactivate recipients rather than delete them. If you delete a recipient all connected data will be deleted as well. When a deleted contact is imported again he will become an active recipient in your account. If you do not want to delete your contacts manually you can also enter them on your blacklist. By doing so you trigger an automated deletion from all recipient lists.