Using the CleverReach Conversion Tracking

Our Conversion Tracking enables you to measure the success of your email campaign with precise metrics (e.g. volume of sales). When you use this tracking a script will be placed on the respective website(s) which then links all activity to the applicable email campaigns. The script needs to be added to the confirmation page for each activity you want to measure (e.g. order confirmation in your online shop, confirmation page for a registration etc.).

You can see the results in the reporting section for the respective email campaign. The activities are measured though tracking a cookie, which is analyzed when the tracking script runs. If a recipient clicks on a link in your newsletter they receives this cookie. If this recipient now purchases a product from your shop within 14 days after clicking a link in your email the cookie is read and the results are transferred to CleverReach. Please note data privacy guidelines when using cookies. CleverReach does not offer legal advice in this matter.

To make use of these metrics you need to first create and configure the tracking script in your CleverReach account. Go to [My Account] > [Extas] > [Conversion Tracking]. Here you can create a new conversion:


Choose an internal name, e.g. “purchase within my shop”.


Select a category, e.g. purchase or registration


Choose the appropriate domain for your project. To select a custom domain you need to set it up in your account first.

Value (optional)

Insert a value if you want the script to pass on a specific value per conversion (e.g. the number 1 for registrations).

Dynamic value

Enter the name of the variable your shop-system uses for transaction number and value. These variables will then be converted to the actual values whenever a transaction takes place. This is necessary since the values can change for each conversion (e.g. for online shop purchases).

Action after conversion

Triggers actions after conversions, e.g. copy or move recipients to another group.

After you have entered the necessary data and saved the conversion you will find the needed code snippet under properties. Here you can also see all conversions that have been captured so far.

How do I analyze data in CleverReach?

If an order was recorded through tracking you will find the data in the report for a campaign and in the respective recipient group. The report section will give you a cumulative view of the data. All conversion data can be found in the report overview.

You can also see all conversions directly in the recipients’ profiles. Open a recipient profile and click on [Purchase information].

Important notes:

  1. The tracking script does not transfer detailed purchase information (e.g. product names). The script captures the date of purchase, the conversion name and the respective email ID.
  2. Certain browser settings and plugins can disrupt the data capture so that our system might not receive information on a specific purchase (cue cross-site-scripting).
  3. The recorded data can be used for segmentation (e.g. to target recipients that have purchased a product after clicking on a link in a newsletter).
  4. Make sure you select the correct domain. If you have set up multiple custom subdomains in your account the domain you use for the script must be the same one you use for your email later on.
  5. The script cannot be used for shops with a SSL connection.
  6. Alternatively please use our latest version of the conversion tracking: Connect link extension
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