Activating the tracking of opens and clicks

In a second step of the creation process of your email you will find the tracking area with its different options. Here you can simply activate the desired functionality. You will then be able to see the results in the reports section after distributing the email.

In our Newsletter Editor, you can find these setting options under the [Campaign Settings- Advanced]:

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You have the following options:

Track opens

If this functionality is activated a transparent 1x1 pixel graphic will automatically be added to your email. When the recipient opens the email and their email client displays the images an open will be counted. This is only possible in HTML emails and not in text emails.

Track clicks

Activating this functionality turns every hyperlink within your email into a so-called tracking link. Clicks are now redirected to the CleverReach server where the clicks are recorded.


Here you can choose the tracking-URL, which will be used to measure the clicks. By default you can only select the CleverReach domain that has been assigned to you. Of course you can also use custom domains. Find out here how to do this.

Google Analytics Tracking

By activating this functionality you are adding Google Analytics parameters to the links within your email. If the website you link to has Google Analytics linked to it you can see your CleverReach emails as visitor sources in the site’s reporting.

IntelliAd Tracking

With the multi-channel tracking by intelliAd you can evaluate the channel “newsletter” within the customer journey and measure its success.

Connect link extension

This functionality allows you to activate a Tracking, which is automatically supported through our interfaces with e.g. Magento or Veyton. If a recipient purchases a product in your shop after being led there from your newsletter you will be able to see this later in the reports for your email campaign.

Important notes:

  1. Tracking opens only works with HTML emails! The tracking domain will always lead to CleverReach first. This is also the case for all links you insert into your emails and the system links such as unsubscribe and link to the online version. You can also use a custom domain for this. Click here to learn more.
  2. The link tracking functionality only tracks external links. All links to system pages (e.g. online version, unsubscribe, link to registration forms) are not considered in the reports.
  3. Be sure to always begin your links with http:// since they cannot be redirected otherwise (e.g.